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The benefits of building a modular home

Modular home installation


Modular building can benefit you and the environment. Nothing beats the precision, efficiency and quality of modular construction. Modular buildings are held to the highest level of quality standard in production, ensuring that expert craftsmen build your home to last. Consider these important factors to help you choose the perfect construction method for your home. Make the best choice for your lifestyle by building a modular home.



A floor plan that meets your needs

Like traditional home building, you'll choose from a variety of modular designs and floor plans. Once you've found a great design, modular construction lets you tailor many aspects of the design to meet your individual needs, preferences and style. Tailor the plan at fixed prices, so you aren't hit with an unexpected bill at the completion of the project. 


Full turn-key packages

Modular construction simplifies the process of home building with full turn-key packages. From design and production to interiors and upgrades, designers help you every step of the way to create the home of your dreams.


Speed and efficiency

Avoid delays and scheduling problems by choosing a modular home. With tightly controlled timelines and a guaranteed move-in date, you won’t have to worry about construction time. Since experts build modular homes in a completely controlled environment, you'll avoid weather-related delays and other scheduling problems. The guaranteed move-in date ensures you won't pay for a hotel while you wait for construction to end.


Great for country locations

Many customers find it difficult to arrange traditional building projects in country areas. Getting service in remote locations often adds time and frustration to the home building process. Fortunately, it can be easier to get a modular home to outlying areas, which makes modular construction a fantastic choice for getting the professional quality of a traditional home regardless of your location.


Improved accuracy and precision

If you're building a home, it's important to choose a company that cares about quality workmanship. Modular construction typically has higher construction accuracy and precision due to its factory-built environment, creating a home that stands up to the elements and lasts for many years. Straight corners and precise measurements improves insulation and quality.


Professional workmanship

Modular construction requires professional, skilled workmanship. Each project is tightly controlled with benchmark factory standards and testing for quality control. Eliminate sloppy workmanship with this efficient construction method. Careful management of each project ensures professionals build your home to the highest quality standards.


Reduced waste

In a traditional building project, workers throw away unused pieces after construction. However, modular building professionals pass off-cuts down the line for use on other projects. Not only does this create lower costs for the home buyer, it also helps our environment. Fewer waste materials improve sustainability and benefit everyone.


Minimal disruption

Traditional home building results in significant disruption to your land. While professionals build your home, it's exposed to weather. This creates wear and tear during construction. In contrast, expert craftsmen build modular homes in a controlled environment, keeping your home safe from wind, hail, and rain. The minimal disruption to your land protects delicate ecosystems, lowers the stress risk to livestock, and prevents environmental problems.


Protection from the elements

How many times have you built a house, only to end up with delays because you needed last-minute changes? These delays can often lead to your construction site being exposed to inclement weather, causing more environmental damage due to material wastage. The speediness of a modular home's construction schedule means you can protect the majority of your materials from the elements and prevent potential for damage.


Modular building represents the latest advances in technology, workmanship and environmentally friendly practices. Choose a company that builds modular homes to reduce waste, improve efficiency and meet your deadlines. This high-quality construction method is the perfect solution for your home. Enquire with Manor Homes today for a free consultation or download their information pack to learn more.