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Our 7 Step Process makes building your new home easy!


At Manor, we want to make the journey of getting into your new home and achieving your lifestyle dream as easy and stress free as possible! We want to make sure that you know exactly what is happening at every step of the way, so that you can see your home come to life as it progresses. Our 7-step process is designed as a clear and easy way to guide you from your initial meeting with us, to moving into your new home and beyond. In this blog we take a look in more detail at what happens at each stage of our process…


A Quick Chat:

This is where we get a feel for your wants and needs in your home, we will discuss with you what you are looking for, and make sure we can help you achieve this. We’ll answer any questions you may have, talk you through our process and once we know more about your lifestyle vision, we can take this overarching information and move onto the next step…


A Quick Chat


Discovery Meeting:

In this step you’ll sit down with our design consultant, and we’ll go through a range of questions to really understand what you want from your home. Are you planning a new home for a growing family or a holiday home? Maybe it is for retirement or a secondary dwelling on your existing land? When do you hope to move in? And what does your budget need to include? The discovery meeting is there to give you confidence and clarity in your build journey, and allows us to make sure we are heading in the right direction knowing more about you and your build. After the discovery meeting, we head to…


Design Solution:

Taking everything we’ve learnt in the last step, together with some initial research of your site, we start with a design meeting where we will show you an Early Stage Proposal (ESP) that is put together with your lifestyle needs in mind. In this we will look at some of the bigger aspects of your build, such as the orientation of your home to make the most of views, BAL ratings and whether you are building in a flood prone area or sloping site. At this stage we can also discuss any other building related services that we can help you with, in order to make your build as easy as possible for you. This step is also where you can choose your styling preference from one of our 4 themes. While we’ll look at the smaller details with you at a later step, we will present ideas specific to your needs, such as verandahs, windows and door positioning and much more!


PASS Pack:

The Planning and Approvals Streamline Start (or PASS) pack is your head start to getting into your new home, without having to commit to the final build. After conducting thorough site inspections, we will prepare everything needed for the application and approval process with your local council - which includes a full set of drawings and various reports. We work with many councils and consultants to help manage the process and take the pressure off you! And the great news is the cost of your PASS Pack is deducted from the price of your home if you decide to build with Manor.



Building Contract & Selections:

Now the really exciting part can begin! At this step the finer details of your home take shape. Our Selection Consultants will work with you to choose your colour schemes, premium finishes and fixtures and fittings – everything from the kitchen sink to external cladding. This is when you can enjoy making your home your own, we have partnered with premium brands to ensure all our fixtures, fittings and everything else are of the highest quality. We’ll make sure you’re happy with your design and that it’s within your budget. Once your finances are in place and council approval is obtained, we can finalise your contract and complete the colour selections process. We’ll then schedule in your build to our factory, so you know exactly when you can move into your new home.


Construction, Handover & Move In:

Your build begins! It is time to start constructing your home in our factory, and with all the plans in place, our precision machinery and workmanship we can make sure that we are delivering on your design. The great part of modular building is that your home will be 90% complete in our specialist facility, avoiding any delays from other factors such as the weather. Once your home is ready, we load the sections on to trucks and transport your home to your site using carefully pre planned routes and access. When it arrives, the sections are installed in place and the finishing touches are made to the highest standard, and all items as per your scope will be completed. After a final inspection to make sure everything is as it should be, it’s time for you to move in!


Factory Build


Customer Care:

Our care for you and your home doesn’t end once you’ve moved in – we want to make sure everything is going well and that we’ve met your needs. We pride ourselves on a defect-free finish, and our warranties will give you peace of mind. We’ll check in with you to get your feedback and ensure we’ve delivered on your lifestyle vision.


Our 7 step process makes it clear, quick and easy for you to get exactly want from your new home and lifestyle needs - so why not start your journey today!