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5 Features for a great holiday house

Without a doubt, the best thing about a holiday home is that it is time away from the mundane elements of your day to day life and the long to do lists we all seem to have. If you are building your own home away from home, we’ve listed five features you should consider including to truly make it your own little oasis.

Girl and father playing at beach


  1. Outdoor Entertaining Area: Many would assume that an outdoor area is only useful in warmer months, however a covered entertaining area will offer valuable living space year round. It can double as a shaded spot to enjoy the fresh air in Summer and a place to accommodate a family and friends while you cook a BBQ meal at any time of year.
  2. Fireplace: In a cooler climate, you will find that everyone will enjoy gathering around the warmth of the fireplace. It is a great time to play cards, boardgames and share stories – times that will be remembered fondly.
  3. Homely Touches: It’s important to add a few details to your holiday house to truly make it a home away from home. Some family photos, local artwork and soft furnishings will help to make you feel right at home.
  4. Living Space: It is worth having a living area where the whole family or group can gather together and space for everyone to relax. If your group is of varying ages and interests, having a couple of living areas is ideal; one for the children to play in, as well as a space for quiet activities.
  5. Sufficient Bedrooms and Bathrooms: This will always depend on who is going to use the holiday home. If it is for just one family you may be happy to share a couple of rooms and one bathroom but for more, consider multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. There is nothing worse than getting in each other’s way when you are trying to unwind and relax.


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